This is how many languages The Royal Family can speak

From Prince Anne competing as an Olympic athlete to Diana, Princess of Wales, being an accomplished diver, the Royal Family are more than just their sovereign title, and possess a variety of unusual talents. 


In fact, did you know that many members can speak multiple languages? 

To coincide with The Crown returning to our screens tomorrow (16th November), the team at Preply have revealed who these bilingual Royals are, and which languages they can speak. 

  1. Prince William – English, French, Welsh, Swahili and Spanish

When it comes to the most bilingual Royal of them all, Prince William takes the crown. 

From a young age, Prince William embarked on learning Welsh as per his father’s wish for him to become fluent in the language, before assuming the role of Prince of Wales. 

Similar to other members of the Royal Family, Prince William received his education in French as a child, and was also likely to have practised it while studying at Eton College. 

After completing his studies at Eton College, William took a gap year where he visited several African countries. It was his interest in African culture, which encouraged him to learn Swahili. 

Furthermore, Prince William demonstrated his ability to speak Spanish while taking part in a Q&A on his official Instagram page. 

  1. King Charles III – English, Welsh, French, German 

During his schooling years, King Charles learned to speak French. He also took influence from his late father Prince Phillip, who was fluent in German. It is therefore believed that Charles picked up the language from his father and also while in school. 

To prepare himself for the title of becoming the Prince of Wales in 1969, King Charles studied Welsh history and the language at the University College of Wales. 

  1. Princess Anne – English, French, German 

Princess Anne’s ability to speak German was not made apparent until a recent trip to Aachen for the starting ceremony of the CHIO Equestrian Festival. During this, she addressed fields of crowds in the language. 

Reports also suggest that the Princess Royal can also speak French, taking after her mother who spoke fluently in the language. 

  1. Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex – English, Spanish, Tagalog 

While working at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires, The Duchess of Sussex got the opportunity to learn Spanish, and this ability was showcased while talking to locals on global royal visits. 

What’s more, it is believed that Meghan may be able to speak Tagalog, the official language of the Philippines. On a visit to Edinburgh, she was heard saying, “Salamat Po”, which translates to “thank you”. 

  1. Queen Camilla – English, French 

Growing up, Princess Camilla spent half a year studying French and French Literature at the Institute Britannique in Paris, where she effortlessly picked up the language. 

What’s more, she delivered various speeches in French on her travels around the world. This includes when she visited a school in Canada and conversed with the pupils in both French and English. 

  1. Prince George, Prince Charlotte and Prince Louis – English, Spanish 

And it is not just the elders that are bilingual royals. Nine-year-old Prince George, eight-year-old Princess Charlotte and five-year-old Prince Louis are all reportedly learning Spanish from their nanny. 

Maria Teresa Turrion Borrala started working in the household in 2014, and her language skills are indeed having an influence on the children. 

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