This Makeup Brand Just Launched a Lipstick Collection & I Want You To Try It


As the summer gets into full swing, we look forward to days lounging by the beach and pool. However, one concern that many of us have is our make-up not holding well when exposed to heat. The good news is that there are a few options to consider to put an end to lipstick smudging and wearing off, one of them being Flormarโ€™s must-have Kiss Me More collection.


Gorgeous shades, rich pigments and lasting hold is what this collection is all about. Aptly named Lip Tattoos, they are a true game-changer when it comes to summer make-up. They are not quick to fade, and you canโ€™t eat, drink or kiss them away. The lipsticks are long-lasting and promise a smudgeless, flawless look. With a smooth and creamy texture, these liquid lipsticks are easy to apply and unlike other matte lipsticks, they do not dry out the lips due to their rich formula and ease of use. The soft texture makes it incredibly lightweight for a flawless and long-lasting effect.


Flormar products have never failed to impress with their extensive colourful ranges and the same applies to its unique Kiss Me More range. The range has it all, including classy nudes and vibrant tones.  Better still, the collection now also includes six new natural shades, perfect for all summer long and for every skin tone.

Flormar KissMe More Lip Tattoo Assertive AED49
Flormar KissMeMore Lip Tattoo Babe AED49
Flormar KissMeMore Lip Tattoo Blush AED49
Flormar KissMeMore Lip Tattoo Boysenberry AED49
Flormar KissMeMore Lip Tattoo Candy AED49
Flormar KissMeMore Lip Tattoo Caramel AED49
Flormar KissMeMore Lip Tattoo Choco AED49

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