Three New Non-Alcoholic Drinks to try this Month from Drink Dry

 Whether you are avoiding alcohol or just curious to learn more, the non-alcoholic drink movement is going from strength to strength with new product launches that are deliciously tasty and diverse in their flavour. If you are sober curious or a firm fan of non-alcoholic premium beverages, Drink Dry have added three new contenders to add to your drinking repertoire. No longer a niche product, many of us are now making the switch and are more mindful that ever when it comes to alcohol consumption with health and wellness at the top of the agenda. If this sounds like you, the below options are a fabulous place to start!

Chocolate in a Bottle – AED136.50


New to Drink Dry’s ever-expanding portfolio of premium drinks is Chocolate in a Bottle, an exclusive sparkling alcohol-free white gourmet wine from the South of France. Made from Chardonnay grapes and extracts of cacao and hazelnuts, the delicate aroma of the hazelnuts is enhanced by the touch of chocolate from the cacao. Best served chilled, this unique non-alcoholic wine is a great pairing for desserts or fruit.

Crossip – AED110


Crossip is the delicious non-alcoholic alternative to the classic Italian bitter and aperitifs. This is your only 0% option to make a refreshing Spritz or classic Negroni with a huge depth of flavour. The innovative and unique maceration process extracts the maximum flavour from raw, natural ingredients and is blended to create balance. It is then filtered and bottled.  With three flavours to choose from, Pure Hibiscus opens with light florals of hibiscus and eucalyptus with notes of pine, clove and cubeb with a long, intense finish. Dandy Smoke is luxurious, meaty and deep, opening with a smoky lapsang tea flavour with hints of almond. Malt, clove and nutmeg allow for an indulgent middle. Fresh Citrus offers an array of punchy fruity flavours with a combination of pink grapefruit and orange as a bold start. Bound together with notes of mandarin and eucalyptus, Fresh Citrus offers a fiery ginger and subtle bitterness.

Stella Artois 0.0% – AED192 (case of 12)


Enjoy a zero-alcohol beer without compromising on the taste or experience! Stella Artois Alcohol Free is a full flavoured Belgian Pilsner Lager Beer which uses Saaz Hops for both a richness in taste and goldness in appearance. Established for over 600 years, Stella Artois remains dedicated to crafting beers of distinction, using the same passion, skill and devotion as the Master Brewers before them. With an aroma similar to the real Stella Artois, the 0.0% version is beautifully balanced, full flavoured with a hoppy bitterness and a crisp, clean and refreshing finish.


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