Tiktok Sensation Brooklynne Webb’s Journey to 10 Million Tiktok Followers, Self Love & Body Image

Despite the stereotype that being young limits you from speaking your mind and truth, Brooklynne Webb is a speaker and a body positivity advocate who inspires people of all ages. Using her various social media platforms, Brooklynne uses her voice to spread positivity and good vibes. Brooklynne believes every shape and size is beautiful in its own way. “My journey started in middle school. I recognized unrealistic images from a young age, and I started reinforcing that I was good enough. Body positivity is essential, and everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their skin and deserves respect.” Says Brooklynne

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to speak with Brooklynne about her life and career path. Asked Brooklynne if she thinks having a large following on social media is important to her, and what advice would she give her younger self. “I wouldn’t say it’s important to me to have a large social media following, but I love the number of people I reach with my content. It’s crazy to connect with so many different people around the world. To keep working hard but also try to have a little fun! You are only a kid for so long. Try not to grow up too fast.” Says Brooklynne  


Editor-in-chief: MG
Wording By Mali Am Ahmed
Interview By Fami
Photographer: Dylan Lujano
Hair: Mika Fowler
Makeup By Anton Khachaturian
Stylist: Haili Pue, All Ze Details

Brooklynne Webb Look:
Dress – OTT 
Necklace – Kasha Bali 
Earrings – Kasha Bali
Custom Rings – Hebdon Reblin Designs 
Bracelet – Kasha Bali 
Ring – Kasha Bali


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