TikTok Star Gabby Morrison On Fame, Skincare, and Inspiring GenZ | COVER STAR

In the past few years, Gabby has risen to fame and become an internet sensation. She shares her authentic self through her trending videos on beauty tips, traveling, fashion, and day-in-the-life videos with her boyfriend and family. She has over 3.7M followers on TikTok. Gabby is working with  Beaubble on Lagoon, a body-care line for people who have sensitive skin issues like herself! As a result of her ongoing battle with sensitive, dry skin, and being prone to eczema, Gabby discovered her passion for body care. In this way, she hopes to encourage GenZ and beyond to embrace themselves inside and out and know that they aren’t alone in their skincare journeys. It is an exciting time for Gabby, who is looking forward to showing the world what she has in store for the future!

“A routine that helps my mind thrive is when I sit back and work on the things I can control and will slowly improve. This includes things like my skin and workout routines. If I ever feel like things are going downhill, I will resort to the things I can work on that will slowly improve as long as I put time into them. One day I was freaking out about my long-distance relationship, and I just logged off, played some music, took the longest shower, fully dove into my skincare routine, and called it a night. A routine that helps my heart thrive is when I scroll through this app called “Shutterfly.” My mom uploaded all of the photos from my childhood to this app and I love to look through them whenever I have the chance. They immediately heal my heart.” Gabby on her routines.


Editor-in-chief MG
Wording By Mali A.M
Interview by Amber
Photographer: Mr. D. Adams


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