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Titanic 25th Anniversary: ‘Heart of The Ocean’ revealed as the most expensive in cinema history

Ttianic celebrates it’s 25th Anniversary, being one of the most famous and iconic films in cinema history, as well as featuring the famous Heart of the Ocean. Worn by Titanic’s Rose DeWitt Bukater, it is revealed as the most expensive piece of jewelry featured in a film. Worn by Kate Winslet’s beloved character, the famous blue diamond piece is valued at approximately AED 1,836,704,136.

That’s according to the latest study by The research reveals the most expensive jewelry items worn by film stars on the big screen, with expert valuations provided by Queensmith(1) .


The top 10 most expensive pieces of jewellery in film

#CharacterFilmTypeJewelry PieceEstimated Price (د.إ)
1Rose DeWitt BukaterTitanicNecklaceThe Heart of the Ocean Necklace1,836,704,136
2Daphne KlugerOcean’s 8Necklace“The Toussaint” Cartier Necklace550,217,163
3Linnet DoyleDeath on the NileNecklace128-carat Yellow Diamond Necklace110,101,600
4Andie AndersonHow to Lose a Guy in 10 DaysNecklaceIsadora Yellow Diamond Necklace18,344,935
5Lorelei LeeGentlemen Prefer BlondesNecklaceMoon of Baroda Diamond Necklace16,076,822
6Anna KareninaAnna KareninaNecklaceDiamond Necklace11,483,444
7Elise Clifton-WardThe TouristNecklaceDiamond Choker Necklace9,186,756
8Marie SchmidtThe 355NecklacePiaget’s Sunny Side of Life Rose Gold Necklace2,825,975
9Patrizia ReggianiHouse of GucciNecklaceBvlgari Necklace2,296,306
10Vivian WardPretty WomanNecklaceRuby and Diamond Heart Necklace2,066,675

Rose from Titanic owns the most expensive necklace in cinema

The iconic Heart of the Ocean worn by Rose in Titanic is the most expensive item of jewellery in cinema. The necklace, owned by Kate Winslet’s character, is valued at AED 1,836,704,136. Memorable for its iconic 56 carat heart-shaped blue diamond, it’s inspired by the Hope Diamond (45.52 carat), extracted from India in the 17th century. It’s considered one of the world’s most valuable diamonds. 

The famous “Toussaint” necklace worn by Daphne Kluger in Ocean’s 8 is the second most expensive piece of jewellery on the big screen, valued at AED 550,217,163. The necklace, worn by Anne Hathaway’s character, comprises varying-sized diamonds including the 136.25-carat blue-white Queen of Holland and a 12-carat olive-green diamond. This piece is valued at 99% higher than the Bvlgari necklace worn by Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani in House of Gucci (2021).


Worn by Linnet Doyle (Gal Gadot) in the recently released Death on The Nile (2022), the 128.54 canary diamond necklace comes in third place. Valued at over AED 110 billion (AED 110,101,600), it’s a recreation of one of the world’s largest yellow diamonds, the Tiffany. This diamond was discovered in South Africa in 1877 and then cut with 82 facets to ensure maximum radiance rather than size. It’s worth 6 times more than another yellow diamond necklace analyzed, the Isadora, worn by Andie in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003) (AED 18,344,935).


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