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Top 10 affordable home décor picks for under AED 50

Sometimes you just want to give your home a little bit of a makeover. A new throw pillow here, a cool mirror there, and maybe even a plant or two. But all of these things add up — not to mention, stopping by many different stores to find exactly the right things takes a lot of effort, too.

So, we’ll let you in on a little secret – Max Fashion actually has a surprising amount of stylish home decor products available in store and on their website, and a lot of them are super affordable, too. Meaning, you can give your home a chic refresh without ever stepping outside — and without spending your life savings while you’re at it.

An elegant jewelry box for AED 27 would turn an ordinary dressing table into something that’s totally eye-catching. 

Add a little plant life to your home with basket planters with a cool metal frame for AED 22.

A super glam way to keep your makeup, jewelry, or other trinkets in one spot on your dresser is this marble tray for AED 29.

Consider this round analog table clock for AED 25 the excuse you need to leave your phone out of your bedroom — you won’t need it to look at the time anymore. 

Dusty, elegant colours are a dream — and these textured cushions for AED 40 will make any chair or sofa the perfect place for guests to sit, while also adding some serious style to your living room.

Just AED 75, for one of the cutest looking throws you’ll ever see — that’s definitely a win.

Display memories on your walls with these beautiful frames priced at AED 15 that add a touch of elegance to any space.

This sunset yellow glass vase for AED 25 will look nice whether you put artificial flowers or stems in it or the real thing.

Designed with a classic gold finish, this LED lamp for AED 40 is ideal for perfecting the ambience of any space, it can either be displayed in the bedroom or the living room.

Make every day a spa day with accessories to suit any bathroom just for AED 29.

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