Travel Lighter This Year With These Essentials

Travelling would be so much easier if all your favourite essentials came in small sizes. Thankfully,
some of them do.


Here’s a round-up of’s top picks for travel-size must-haves, perfect for taking away with you.

FarmFresh Cleansing Wipes (AED 33.60)

Cleansing wipes are convenient, easy to use and flight-friendly. These one-step cleansing wipes offer a clean sweep without irritation, thoroughly removing dirt and makeup.

HASK Argan Shampoo and Conditioner Travel Pack (AED 16)

Don’t compromise on haircare when travelling. HASK’s travel-size Argan Oil holiday pack is free of sulfates, parabens and other harsh chemicals, which makes it the perfect choice to pack in your toiletries bag ahead of your holiday or staycation. The nourishing and hydrating products will protect and revitalize your hair after a long day in the sun and pool.

The Barb Xpert Manicure Kit (AED 51.45)

This kit contains essential tools that you need to keep nails neat and trim on holiday, all in a convenient travel case.

Pearlie White Travel Toothbrush & Toothpaste (AED 12.60)


Maintain the sparkle in your smile with this compact travelling duo. Specifically designed for travel with high quality bristles and a cover that also works as a handle.

Evolut Hand Sanitizer with SilverNano Particles (AED 12.50)


A necessary part of staying healthy these days, you do not want to forget your hand-sanitizer to make sure they’re purified and protected. This organic sanitizer from Evolut ensures clean hands and forms a protective antibacterial layer on the skin for 8 hours. Silver nanoparticles eliminate all known microbes, building immunity against airborne germs, while castor oil deeply nourishes the skin.


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