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Trend Alert: How To Use Tones of Blue in Home Decor

Rich, serene, and deep; three words that perfectly describe the colour Blue. If you haven’t added this colour in your home palette yet, you should! 

There is an array of ways to incorporate this unique colour in your house. Add it as a wallpaper, or use it in a statement piece such as an armchair, or through different textiles and materials such as leather. Looking for a more minimalistic way? You can use it to accessorize your space; think pillows, throws, vases, rugs, etc. The options are endless for a powerful and electrifying look.

While incorporating shades of Blue, you have to be very careful with what colours you mix it with. The best colours that look homogeneous with it are the classic white, electric red, calming brown, lime-y colour chartreuse, and soft yellow. Don’t be afraid to be bold and add this colour where you feel most comfortable. 


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