Unlimited Talent and Contagious Enthusiasm Ft Pressley Hosbach | COVER STORY

Few up-and-coming stars are as intriguing as Pressley Hosbach in the social media realm, where influence and reach are crucial. Pressley has amassed a phenomenal fan base of over 10 million loyal followers across a number of social media platforms, and she is now a formidable force. She has quickly risen to the top of the entertainment world because to her alluring personality, tremendous ability, and sincere connection with her fans. In ourJuly issue, Pressley graces the cover, offering readers an intimate glimpse into her life, her journey, and the immense influence she wields.

Pressley Hosbach discusses her extraordinary path from a child dancer in New York to a multidimensional artist and social media powerhouse in her conversation with JAMO. She talks about how her fans’ amazing support has shaped her career and how much she appreciates them. Pressley emphasises the value of keeping true to oneself and using one’s position to elevate and empower others through transparency and vulnerability.


One cannot overlook the impressive milestone of 10 million followers that Pressley has achieved on social media. While she acknowledges the incredible number, she emphasizes that it’s the connection she has fostered with her audience that truly matters. Pressley has utilized her platform to spread positivity, kindness, and encouragement. Her ability to resonate with people, particularly young audiences, has made her an influential voice for her generation.

Pressley’s influence extends far beyond her massive online presence. She has successfully transitioned from reality TV star to a versatile entertainer, starring in popular series like “Attaway General” on Brat TV and hosting live events with major studios such as Nickelodeon and Netflix. Pressley’s talent and work ethic have earned her recognition not only in the digital realm but also in traditional entertainment avenues.


In her conversation with our Entertainment Editor Fami, Pressley discusses her commitment to using her platform for positive change. She expresses her passion for empowering others, spreading kindness, and amplifying the voices of young people. As a Nickelodeon Kindness Crew Ambassador for Abercrombie, Pressley actively promotes the values of inclusivity, empathy, and self-expression.


Editor-in-chief MG
Wording By Mali Ahmed
Interview By Fami

Photography By Allegra Messina
Wardrobe Stylist Veronica Graye
Hair By Doug Mengert
Makeup By Colleen Dominique


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  1. Beautiful girl inside and out❤️ grounded,sincere,respectful, sweetest and is REAL❤️

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