Unstoppable & Inseparable ft. Makenzie And Malia Fowler | COVER STORY

Makenzie and Malia Fowler, the dynamic sisters behind the Big Sis Energy podcast. With a massive following of 4.5 million, they’re thrilled to embark on a journey of unfiltered ‘Big Sis’ advice every Sunday. From friendship and relationships to confidence hacks, their show aims to be the guiding light they wish they had growing up. Join this unstoppable sister duo as they uplift and inspire the younger generation, sharing essential tips for navigating life with authenticity and energy.


As we bid farewell to this year, we are thrilled to feature the dynamic sister duo, Makenzie and Malia Fowler, who have taken TikTok by storm with their infectious energy. Our editor had the privilege of engaging in a conversation with these talented siblings, delving into the world of their immensely popular podcast, “Big Sis Energy.” From discussing its inception to exploring what lies ahead, the Fowler sisters shared insights into their journey and teased exciting prospects. With their vibrant presence and compelling discussions, Makenzie and Malia are undoubtedly leaving an indelible mark in the podcasting realm and beyond.


What inspired us to start Big Sis Energy? Honestly, our audience. We started posting curly hair videos on TikTok 4 years ago. Since then our community has grown to not just curly girls but women of all backgrounds and ages. About a year ago we began making “Get ready with me” style videos with music playing. People loved our high energy.” Makenzie and Malia on “Big Sis Energy”

Editor-in-chief MG
Photo By Julia Chavez
Interview By Fami
Wording By Mali Ahmed
Hair By Hazel


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