Up and Coming R&B/Pop Singer and TikToker Jaida Aneese On New Single “Liquid,” and A healthy Happy Love Affair & More


Jaida Aneese is a TikTok star and pop/R&B singer whose sound is very similar to Halsey and Ariana Grande. Her debut single, “Liquid”, is set to be released by August 20th which will be Jaida’s introduction of herself to the world.

“Liquid” is about the experience of being in love and all the feelings that come with it. It is particularly about fun and carefree love and being able to truly be yourself around your significant other.

What inspired the lyrics behind your soon-to-be-released single, “Liquid”?
Young Love inspired the lyrics behind “Liquid.”


On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you for the release of “Liquid”?
I’m very excited and would have to say a 10. My first single. First video. I hope everyone enjoys listening to it as much as I did writing it and shooting the video. We had a ball.


At a time when most love songs are about heartbreak, what made you decide to sing a song about a good and happy love affair?
I agree and I enjoy a sad song like anyone else but our team is constantly clowning me on how sad my songs are. So I wanted to switch it up. It’s summertime. Let’s have fun. Enjoy your boo and leave your worries behind.

Which artists would you say influence your music?
I would say a mix of Rihanna, Billie Eilish, Queen, and Ariana Grande.

Have you always had an interest in chasing a music career? 
Yes, I’ve been interested in pursuing a music career ever since I was a child, it took me a long time to be comfortable sharing my dream with those around me because this dream was uncommon in a small town. Never fear to be different and trust in that passion you have inside and perspire your dreams no matter what.


Apart from your upcoming single, do you have any projects that you plan on releasing soon?
Yes, I plan on releasing more projects soon.

How many albums do you plan on having out 5 years from now?
I’m hoping to drop at least 2-3 albums 5 years from now.

What music album would you say is your favorite of all time?
I would have to say Mariah Carey’s Christmas album always seems to pop up.

“Liquid” is all about a healthy and fun love affair and how it gives you butterflies and so on, would you consider yourself a hopeless romantic or a realist?
I would say I’m more of a realist with a big heart.


How come you decided to use your real name instead of a stage name?
I’ve always loved my middle name because I feel like it clicks and it was never said enough so I brought more light to it by making it my stage name.

What is your ultimate goal for your career?
To connect to an audience and be there for those who feel misunderstood or different and pursue acting and become an entrepreneur.


In 3 words, describe your experience in the song-making process?
Fun – because we had a ball shooting the video and being silly.
Different– because I normally write slower songs. Feeling songs that people can relate to. This song is a fun up-tempo summer jam.
Spontaneous – the vibes in the studio were sad because we had just finished a few slow songs and everyone needed their energy up and the next day was going to be another slow one so I went to the hotel that night changed the concept and Bam, just started writing “Liquid.”

 Rabiatu Mohammed
Rabiatu Mohammed

is 21 years old and is currently in her 1st year of studying International Business at Middlesex University Dubai. She is goal-driven and enjoys going out as well as exploring new things.

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