Valentines’ Gift Everyone Wants by Sicis Jewels

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, which encourages bonding and gives us another great occasion to show some extra love and affection. If you’re on the gifting-end end this year, whether it’s for your partner, your best friend, or yourself – find the joyful selection from Hearts & Love line by Sicis Jewels.

Sicis Jewels is proud to present the ‘Universe’ Collection that presents a range of lucky charm bracelets, earrings and rings made of gold, precious stones and micromosaic. ‘Universe’ is thought to raise curiosity on the treasurable art of micromosaic, Maison’s special technique.

Heart Earrings

A special Hearts & Love line of these enchanting objects has been dedicated to the heart, which symbolizes the strength of feelings and of life itself.

“Everyone says that the brain is the most complex organ in the human body, but I assure you that there is nothing more complex than the heart; its mechanisms are still unknown nowadays. In the reasoning of the brain, there is logic, but in the reasoning of the heart there are emotions”.

Heart Ring

The Hearts & Love line is born in collaboration with the known and estimated jewelry blogger Katerina Perez. Together with Gioia Placuzzi, Art Director of the Sicis Jewels Maison, Katerina as a true admirer of the Sicis jewelry brand made a synergy to create spectacular objects with the concept of a fine workmanship refinement yet everyday life happenings.

Sicis Jewels have combined their exceptional jewellery craftsmanship with an accessible, fresh line that can be worn for any occasion by those who love fine, classic jewellery and those who love fun, eclectic jewellery too.


Butterflies, stars and good luck charms are pillars of this collection to accompany us following the rhythm of our everyday adventures.

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