Vivo V23 Series, The Perfect Smartphone For Selfie Lovers

There’s no doubt that selfies have become the new form of social expression across millennials and Gen Z. People are now spending more time on their smartphones than ever, connecting with people through images and videos. In result, consumers are looking for devices that deliver premium quality front cameras, where an image looks as clear and real.

vivo extended the idea of delighting every moment through the V23 series experience into its front cameras. Consisting of V23 5G and V23e 5G, users can now capture their best self by a click of a button with an array of  photography modes to choose from.

Here are three features that make the V23 series the go-to selfie device:


All-new front Dual Camera
Consisting of 50MP AF front camera for the V23 5G and 44MP AF front camera for the V23e 5G, the V23 series features a high-resolution main camera, allowing users to capture themselves with more clarity where facial features such as eyebrows and eyelashes will always be clear. Basically, your go to phone for real-life imagery.

In addition, the V23 series is also equipped with Eye Autofocus feature for the front camera, so users can always be the center of attention. The phone can automatically lock and maintain focus on the subject’s eyes, even if they are moving.

Personalized lighting on the go with the Dual-Tone Spotlight
Proper lighting is one of the most important elements to a good selfie. The vivo V23 series comes with a wide selection of built-in front-facing flashes tucked away on the top bezel of the phone where the light output can be adjusted according to the desired brightness and color temperature.

So, the next time you go to a bonfire or visit the desert at night and would like to capture some selfies, the V23 series has got your back with the lighting.

Group selfies made easier with the Super Wide-Angle Camera
Are you tired of not being able to capture selfies with a large group at a dinner or even a reunion? Worry no more, the V23 series is now equipped with a Super Wide-Angle feature that allows users to capture group selfies in just a few clicks!

The dual front camera system includes an 8MP 105° Super Wide-Angle camera, offering a much larger field-of-view. But that’s not all, the enhanced capabilities of AI Extreme Night Portrait mode are also available on the Super Wide-Angle Camera, allowing users to take better super wide-angle portraits even in the dark.


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