What You Need to Know About Dapper Dress Codes

When it comes to social events, evening dinners, or any other occasion, dress code might be a little tricky to ace. Not sure exactly to wear? Celio has you covered! From picking the perfect top to enhancing it with the ideal accessories, Celio will show you how dapper gents do it.

Here is your ultimate guide for men

Suiting & Blazers


A tailored suit that’s easily adaptable, or a semi-formal blazer and trousers will complement any event.  Darker suits are the traditional choice, so keep things classic with dusky navies, subdued cobalt and muted greys. Stick to tailored suits that are fitted, but not too tight. 



Rock a fitted shirt for an event you’re going to by arriving in hues of whites or powder blues. However, if you want to give the oh-wow look, you can opt for a modern or brighter button-down shirt or a patterned one. Do not fear to stand out!

The right accessories  


Stick to the classics, a good-quality belt for a look that registers a dashy, and a more contemporary look. Leather and suede are a safe choice and won’t date, meaning they can be worn for years.


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