Why Tie Dye Is So Popular 2021

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We promised that we will enter 2021 with cool trends and a cooler attitude. That’s what JAMO does –update you with the latest trends and make you fall in love with fashion all over again. And guess what? Runways don’t lie! It’s time for the 1970’s hottest trend to bounce back- the “tie-dye” spring-summer fashion!


Have you checked out Taylor Swift’s latest Tie-dye and matching sweats pants? Remember that the tie-dye effect isn’t one to slow down anytime soon so better throw your boring joggers out of the closet and get your splash of color now. Here’s how it can be done:

Matching Sweatsuits

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Accessories are the most comfortable to match with any loungewear. Wear neutral or colorful tie-dye ones to get smarter in every Zoom call from now! The head-to-toe chunky sets will give the impression that you know what you want. Chose from hoop earrings to hats
and see where you go from there!

Skirt it up!

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Let’s make 2021 the year of extras. After refreshing accessories, pair your tie-dye sweats with a mismatched skirt and look dressed up — motivated to make an impression. To achieve the California vibes, just throw a mid-length, full-length over a neutral top or sandal and you’re done!


Dye One On

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Photo: Pinterest

Ready to up your athleisure ante? Try the dye one-on for the perfect versatile effect. Pair the puffed sleeves with cuffed hems and let your sexy personality pop up. The summer is here and trust me that you’ll need the super-soft effect to look cooler.


Nail dye-on

It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to dress from head-to-toe in tie-dye. Fret not. Just paint your
nails and you’re as trendy as anyone can be! Dip your toes—literally—into the colorful hues,

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to complete your wardrobe of sweatpants, chic sandals, and comfortable drawstring with the
fun nail art.

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