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Will Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Movie Break the Box Office?

Arguably the most famous woman in the world right now, Taylor Swift will grace cinema screens this month with her movie, The Eras Tour, a concert film of her latest run of live shows.


Taking the fame and popularity of Swift into account, many are predicting that the film will dominate the box office, with some even predicting the film dethroning this year’s biggest box office hit, Barbie.

Ahead of release, the team at OLBG have looked at the highest-grossing concert films that smashed the box office, to see how much money The Eras Tour has to make to beat previous concert films.

  1. Michael Jackson – This Is It (261 million gross)

An intimate behind-the-scenes look at the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, as he prepares for his highly anticipated comeback tour. 

Sadly, Jackson passed away in 2009 before the concert began, with many hailing the tour as “The greatest concert that never happened”. 

  1. Justin Bieber – Never Say Never ($99 million gross)

Never Say Never is an electrifying concert film that delves into the life and rise of pop sensation Justin Bieber.

Through a combination of concert footage, backstage moments, and interviews with Bieber’s family and team, the film highlights his incredible talent and the dedication it takes to make it in the music industry.

  1. Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus – Best of Both Worlds Concert ($70 million gross) 

An exhilarating concert film that brings fans into the dazzling world of Miley Cyrus, both as herself and her alter ego, Hannah Montana, Best of Both Worlds offers an incredible front-row experience as Miley performs her hit songs during her 2007 tour. 

Audiences get to witness the magic of a live Hannah Montana concert alongside intimate behind-the-scenes moments with Miley herself.

  1. One Direction – This Is Us ($69 million gross)

‘This Is Us’ provides an up-close and personal look at the global superstars, One Direction. This captivating movie goes beyond the stage to reveal the true personalities of the band members, showcasing their individual quirks, dreams, and camaraderie. 

With behind-the-scenes footage and candid interviews, This Is Us offers a glimpse into the whirlwind world of One Direction as they rise to stardom and embark on their world tour.

  1. Katy Perry – Part of Me ($32 million gross)

Part of Me is a dazzling concert documentary that takes viewers on an intimate journey into the life and career of Katy Perry. The film offers a behind-the-scenes look at the woman behind the iconic costumes and chart-topping hits.

As Katy prepares for her California Dreams world tour, the film delves into her personal struggles, triumphs, and the sacrifices she’s made to achieve her dreams. 

  1. Madonna – Truth or Dare ($29 million gross)

The groundbreaking 1991 documentary Truth or Dare gives audiences an up-close and personal look at the legendary Madonna during her Blond Ambition World Tour.

The documentary captures Madonna’s electrifying performances, showcasing her iconic hits and boundary-pushing choreography. But it goes beyond the music, offering viewers a glimpse into her world as she grapples with the challenges of fame.

  1. Jonas Brothers – The 3D Concert Experience ($23 million gross) 

The 3D Concert Experience is a high-energy 3D concert film that takes fans on an exhilarating journey with the popular American pop band, the Jonas Brothers. 

Viewers can expect to see thrilling performances of the Jonas Brothers’ chart-topping hits, along with behind-the-scenes moments that provide a unique look at the lives of Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas. 

  1. U2 – U2 3D ($22 million)

This film ​​is an electrifying 3D concert film that brings the iconic Irish rock band, U2, to the big screen like never before.

What sets U2 3D apart is its innovative use of 3D technology, making viewers feel as though they’re right in the middle of a stadium packed with adoring fans. The film captures the band’s legendary performance in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Will Taylor Swift be on this list?


Jake Ashton, Entertainment Betting Specialist at OLBG, adds: “Concert films seem to be all the rage at the moment, with the rerelease of Talking Heads’s Stop Making Sense film packing out cinemas, and Taylor Swift already breaking records when it comes to advanced tickets alone, it’s clear Swift’s stratospheric fame will ensure her concert film comes to the top of this list upon release.

“Advanced ticket sales alone for The Eras Tour have surpassed $100 million worldwide, and it’s set to make a similar amount on opening weekend. It looks highly likely to become the biggest concert film, but it begs the question, could this become the highest-grossing film of the year, dethroning Barbie’s $1 billion-plus gross worldwide?” 


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