Winter Skincare Routine: What’s Missing?

Finding the best skincare products can be quite overwhelming, for skin enthusiasts looking to amp up their skincare routine this season, FOREO is the answer. It’s time to ditch the multiple products gathering dust on the counter and get acquainted with the latest beauty-tech devices that are revolutionizing the skincare world. Using only 3 products, achieve glowing skin by indulging in a holistic facial treatment in just minutes.

The most crucial stage in any winter skincare regimen is a thorough cleanse, any facial routine must include the legendary LUNA 3. A device that unclogs pores and sweeps away dead skin cells using the T-Sonic pulsations feature and ultra-hygienic silicone. With the ability to remove up to 99.5% of debris, oil, and makeup residue, LUNA 3 is known to be substantially more effective than any other manual cleanser in the market.

Unlike any other face mask, the UFO 2 is an at-home facial that uses LED light therapy, cryotherapy, and thermotherapy technology. This palm size device is fully customizable and provides the skin with a healthy dose of nutrients derived from the mask, for a healthy and revitalized complexion for hydrated skin during dry weather. Using the FOREO app, the device can tackle multiple skin issues according to the skin types.


Bid farewell to dull and aging skin and say hello to the fountain of youth, the BEAR, a cute yet powerful device that tightens and works out the 69 facial muscles in the face and neck using microcurrent and T-sonic pulsation technology. The non-invasive facelift device reduces fine lines and minimizes sagging by stimulating collagen and elastin production. For optimal results, the BEAR is best used with FOREO’s Serum Serum Serum, a conductive gel with the antioxidant power of squalene and hydrating hyaluronic acid. What’s more, the BEAR consists of 10 microcurrent intensity levels that can be adjusted using the app as the personalized treatment progresses.


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