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Working Out At work: How To Do It

Hard-working Britons struggling to fit in a quick exercise session are being offered top tips on working out at work.

The health and fitness experts at Goal Getters powered by have put together their advice for those desperate to get some added reps in at work.


They’ve included quick workouts for upper and lower body and core as well as emphasising the importance of stretching, especially if you’re sat behind a desk all day.

Among the exercises are tricep dips, leg raises, wall sits, marching while you work and chair squats. 

Ashleigh Tosh from Goal Getters powered by said: “Exercise is essential for good health and should be built into our daily routines. However, it isn’t always as easy as it sounds to find a dedicated time to hit the gym.

“The alternative is to squeeze in a home workout or even one when you’re working. We’ve put together a discreet set of exercises you can try when you’re working.

“Increasing movement and taking a break from the screen is important when you’re at work and these will certainly help you do that. Think about any wasted time too – while the kettle boils for your afternoon cuppa you could fit in a few tricep dips and wall sits.”

Here is Goal Getters advice for working out at work:

Tricep dips


Using your office chair, place both palms on the chair, bend your elbows straight back and lower yourself down. Straighten your arms to come back up. This will give your triceps a good workout.

Arm pulses


This is a quick, discreet exercise working your triceps and stretching out your shoulders – great if you’re sat in front of a screen all day. Stand up, arms by your side and palms facing backward, Pulse for 20 seconds.

Leg raise


Another discreet one – simply sit in your chair, extend one leg, and hold for a few seconds. Repeat 15 times on each leg.

Calf raises


Standing behind your chair, raise yourself up on your toes and lower back down. Aim for three sets of ten.



Rather than sitting to work, stand up instead and march as you type. Challenge yourself to raise your knees higher each time and change tempo.

Wall sits


These will work your muscles harder than you think. Slide your back down a wall until your hips and knees are level. Stay in the position for up to 60 seconds.

Chair squat


This is a great one and only your colleagues in the know will guess what you’re doing. Lower your chair and squat above the seat, slowly lowering yourself on. To work a little harder, try balancing on one leg at the same time.

Neck, shoulder and ankle rotations

These stretches are exactly as they sound. For neck rotations, drop your chin and roll your neck in circles both clockwise and anti-clockwise. For your shoulders, simply role them forwards and backwards and for your ankles, rotate one way then the other.


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