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Worst Hygiene Habits That Most Of Us Have

We have all become self-conscious about our health nowadays. We all like to maintain healthy personal hygiene habits. Moreover, personal hygiene is something very important to us, and having a good and hygienic routine helps boost our energy level and also makes us feel good and confident about ourselves. Personal hygiene consists of many things like body order, hair order, body hair, cleanliness, and much more. If we do not have personal hygiene and we keep being messy everything around us will be the same and there will be no energy or enthusiasm in working forward or achieving some goals. 


But somewhere down the lane, there are few habits that we tend to neglect or are missed during taking care of our hygiene routine. Here are few habits which are widely neglected by people and sometimes also go unnoticed.


Using Towels For Too Long

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One of the problems is we tend to use our towels for a long time without washing which leads to bad order, dryness on skin, rashes, sometimes using same towels can also cause a condition of fungi in your nails or on knees which can be very dangerous. Make sure you wash your towel at least once in 3 days and then use it, this way it will be fresh and your skin will also stay healthy.


You Never Clean Your TV Remote

Many people think what’s so big in cleaning the remote it never gets dirty and there is no point in cleaning the remote. But you are wrong when you don’t clean your remote small dust particles gather around there and make it dirty. You cannot even see it properly but it is still there and due to which it sticks to your hands and if you don’t wash your hands before eating then it causes infection going in your body. I don’t mean clean your remotes every day but at least once a week.


Inadequate Brushing Of Tooth

Sometimes in the morning when we are in a hurry to leave for work, we don’t brush our teeth properly and just finish it up in a hurry due to which the particles stuck in our teeth don’t get out and cause tooth problems like cavities and frequent toothaches. To this, the doctors say it is better to brush your teeth twice a day and at least for 2-3 minutes until the white foam is formed from the toothpaste.


Washing your hair too often

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You might be thinking washing your hair often is good as it takes out all the dirt and makes you feel clean. But no, it’s not like that washing your hair too often can rob the essential oils from your scalp and make your scalp dry and non-lustrous. You should wash your hair at least 3 times a week or every alternate day this way your hair will not get damaged and your scalp will stay healthy.


Cleanliness behind your ears between your toes

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These are few parts of the body that we don’t remember to clean as we feel during a bath it has been clean but sometimes when you rub behind your ears you find a rubber-like thing which is dirt gathered and can cause rashes and fungi problems behind your ears. To avoid this, use a small towel to clean behind your ears and between your toes also apply a little bit of oil to avoid rough and flaky skin.


I would like to conclude by saying take care of your hygiene and feel confident in your skin. I hope you found this article helpful and would use these tips and be careful about your hygiene.

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Sakina Abbas

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