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Youtubers Niko Omilana & Max Fosh Running for Mayor Of London 2021


Recently the lists of the candidates to run for London Mayor 2021.

LondonElects, who are in charge of delivering the elections, released the official list of candidates this morning, which includes incumbent mayor Sadiq Khan, Conservative candidate Shaun Bailey, Liberal Democrat Luisa Porritt, the Greens’ Sian Berry and a raft of other party candidates and independents.

The election, moved back from 7 May 2020 due to the corona-virus pandemic, is now set to be held on Thursday 6 May, with the deadline to register to vote the 19th April.

Youtuber Niko Omilana announced his campaign and said “I’m running for mayor of London #NikoForMayor.” On Instagram & twitter and the fans are going wild with the support along with famous Youtubers showing their support to Niko.


Youtuber Max Fosh also is also running for Mayor of 2021 and he also made it to the list of 20 candidates. Fosh announced in a YouTube Video that he will be running for Mayor of London 2021 and hes been getting support from his fans and his fellow YouTube friends.


The deadline to sign up for a postal vote is 20 April, and the deadline for a proxy vote is 27 April, although emergency proxy votes can still be applied for up to 5pm on election day.


The full list of confirmed candidates for the 2021 London Mayor election is below:
Shaun Bailey – Conservative Party Candidate
Kam Balayev – Renew
Sian Berry – Green Party
Count Binface – Count Binface for Mayor of London
Valerie Brown – The Burning Pink Party
Piers Corbyn – Let London Live
Max Fosh – Independent
Laurence Fox – The Reclaim Party
Peter Gammons – UKIP
Richard Hewison – Rejoin EU
Vanessa Hudson – Animal Welfare Party – People, Animals, Environment
Steve Kelleher – Social Democratic Party
Sadiq Khan – Labour Party
David Kurten – Heritage PartyFarah London – Independent
Nims Obunge – Independent
Niko Omilana – Independent
Luisa Porritt – Liberal Democrats
Mandu Reid – Vote Women’s Equality Party on orange
Brian Rose – London Real Party



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