Introducing IZEL Fashion, Your ultimate brand for Luxury and Empowerment | EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Allow me to present IZEL Fashion, the embodiment of premium luxury, celebrated for its extraordinary and contemporary women’s apparel.


Founded by the exceptionally talented duo of Hafna Sakhaf and Ziya Mariyam, IZEL Fashion is on a dedicated mission to present stylish and modest fashion choices that push the boundaries of the industry. Hafna, The esteemed Co-Founder and Managing Director, conveys her enthusiasm for this launch, reaffirming unwavering commitment to providing premium fashion alternatives that empower women to embrace their individual style while upholding comfort and elegance. With IZEL Fashion, each woman can embark on a personal fashion journey, defining her unique path with confidence and grace.


Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the Fall/Winter abaya collection and the vision you had when creating it?
The inspiration behind IZEL’s new abaya collection was the in-depth study and representation of flows and embodying traces found in nature. IZEL Fashion has been tremendously inspired by the oceans, the flow of its water, as well as the portrayal of an oasis in the desert. The vision was also to create a collection featuring the lush forests as a tribute to mother nature and all the life she accommodates. 

The collection emphasizes intricate surface embellishments. Could you elaborate on the design process and the specific details that were added to elevate the abayas’ visual appeal?
IZEL manufactures its abayas in Dubai, while its suits and blazers are produced in India, to incorporate more complex elements like embroidery and intricate designs. To ensure that the production aligns with the brand’s vision, the IZEL team visits India to brief the artisans before production begins.


The process involves close collaboration with artisans to perfect the samples and make necessary design changes. Initially, a design tech pack is sent to the production team, which includes all the specifications, colors, and trims required for the collection. After the first samples are received, the team works with embroidery and fabric swatches to select the closest color to match the desired outcome.

This approach highlights IZEL’s commitment to the design and production process, with a focus on attention to detail and quality control to provide customers with the best possible products. Quality checks occur both in India and in Dubai to ensure the highest quality for the brands consumers.


IZEL Fashion is known for blending tradition with modernity. How did you achieve this balance in the new collection, and what challenges did you face in the process?
The design process for IZEL Fashion’s Abaya collection involves a focus on various fabric incorporations to achieve both unconventional and traditional styles with modern embroidery. The new abaya collection offers a mix of silhouettes and trending styles 

In unique colors that shift your understanding of an abaya.

IZEL Fashion aimed to bring multiple fabric options for its patrons, ranging from casual, formal occasion abayas. The biggest challenge was to balance our offering of light and bright tones. It’s hard to redefine a wheel when an abaya has already been characterized. However, through the use of colors and style choice like a twist on the green abaya we are able to redefine the construct of an old fashioned abaya.


Could you share more about some of the standout pieces in this collection, such as the Moss Green Linen Abaya and the Organza Blue Abaya, and what makes them unique?
Two of IZEL’s absolute favorites! Although the Moss Green Linen Abaya is a statement piece on its own, it has quite a story to it. Inspired by the complexities of nature, the abaya was designed with a multi functional element that could be worn as a wrap or as a set for endless styling options. The shape and style also kept in mind our modest audience who aren’t bound by an abaya. Abaya on its own is a beautiful piece of tradition and IZEL simply wanted to extend that to its non-traditional consumers.  

The choice of fabrics in your collection is diverse, ranging from linen to organza. How did you select these materials, and how do they contribute to the functionality and comfort of the abayas?
IZEL experimented with a variety of fabrics this season however, it’s really the silhouettes that contribute to the functionality of this collection. From keeping it simple and casual with Linen and Nidha, to a more glam take on abayas using organza. IZEL has made sure they have used colors and design that complement everyone wearing it. 

IZEL Fashion is focused on providing stylish yet modest options. How do you believe this collection reflects your mission of elegance and grace, and how does it cater to a wide range of women’s preferences?
IZEL’s aim was to come up with a collection that compliments every skin tone as well as uses cuts and designs from pleated bow tie to wraps. IZEL has the classic beige and black offering for the casual everyday errands but also offers more chic styles like the organza. It’s really about finding a middle ground and making sure IZEL Fashion gives its consumers a wide variety of options to choose from. 

Can you talk about the design and embroidery choices that went into these abayas and their suitability for various occasions?
Designs are derived from nature, inspired by the Fall/Winters theme. IZEL was able to exhibit a collection that is mesmerizing and at the same time adorned by all. The brand has a wide range of casuals, festive and even work abayas that are adorned with embroidery to elevate the look for any occasion.


IZEL Fashion has found its place in the premium and diverse fashion market. What do you believe sets your brand apart from others, and how do you ensure you don’t compromise on style and comfort?
IZEL is keen on assuring its patrons the promise of luxurious products within reasonable costs. Positioned as an affordable luxury, IZEL provides embroidery work, fabric quality and designs that exudes a sense of elegance and grace.

Could you provide some insights into the process of bringing this collection exclusively to your ecommerce platform? What challenges and benefits did this choice bring?
With the dedication to being a slow fashion house and being run by women, offering high end quality products, we decided to take a step towards sustainable efforts in terms of qualities per production. Moving forward in the pipeline IZEL hopes to expand into department stores but still maintain its slow fashion approach on the environment.

Lastly, what do you hope customers will experience and feel when they wear the Fall/Winter abaya collection, and how do you see this collection fitting into their lives? Comfy, cozy, expensive, rich,
IZEL wants to exude a sense of elegance and grace from the most modest to the most modern consumer. 


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